You don’t need to travel a million miles to find an unforgettable holiday destination – Europe offers a plethora of enchanting cities, fascinating history, thrilling adventures, indulgent spas and picture-perfect beaches to entice every kind of traveller back, time and time again.

Explore secluded coves as you island-hop around Croatia’s Adriatic Coast; tee off on world-class golf courses in the Algarve; soak up the stunning Greek sunset from a rooftop taverna as the sun goes down – however you wish to spend your holiday in Europe, you will be spoilt for choice.

Europe’s beautiful beaches offer a holiday utopia for precious family time spent swimming and exploring in the sun, making wonderful memories together without a long flight or jet lag. Travel by rail between destinations to witness the ever-changing landscapes pass by the train window; Europe is home to some of the world’s most iconic train journeys.

If you fancy a weekend away, there is no shortage of city breaks in Europe. Why not pair up your travel dates with a performance of your favourite opera, or a captivating street festival?