Often referred to as ‘little Havana’, the Spanish province of Cádiz is an unspoilt area whose qualities will please those seeking a city with rustic charm, Spanish culture & rich history. The area offers wide open spaces, idyllic white sandy beaches, delightful sherry and fresh fish!

Cádiz is generally considered to be the oldest, continuously inhabited city in Europe. Surrounded almost entirely by water, this enchanting city and port is situated in the desirable region of Andalucia on the south west coast of Spain.


My short break to Cádiz began with a flight to Seville Airport late afternoon, followed by a transfer to the Tryp Hotel Jerez. Once settled, we met an organised local tour guide who escorted us through the town centre and Tabancos (wine stalls, popular with the locals) to sample a variety of tapas and wines of the region, whilst enjoying the sounds of traditional Salamanca music in the background. We ended our evening with a visit to the Gastro Tabanco Las Cuadras and Palacio de la Condesa de Casares (a Spanish Palace occupied by a lovely local family) with its unique atmosphere, most delicious food and sherries - it was a memorable evening!

The following day we visited the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, for me a personal highlight. We explored the tranquil grounds, sat in the arena and watched in awe, visited the stables to pat the horses, viewed the tack rooms, saddlery and historical carriages. The exhibition ‘How Andalusian Horses Dance’ show - a ballet with Spanish music and 18th century costumes - was a delight and quite emotional viewing for some of us! It is based on choreography taken from classical and country dressage.

We then went on to see La Atalaya (Time Museum). It is the only museum whose clocks are all in working order (almost 300 antique clocks from 17th to 19th century). It was quite peculiar to hear all the chimes and persistent ticking throughout the tour.

After the Time Museum we visited Fundodor a well-known sherry and brandy farm. Here we discovered the traditional elaboration of wines and brandies from Jerez and learnt the different ways to taste them and combine them with tapas and cocktails. Later we sat down to relax and enjoy a tasteful display of tapas at the La Taperia Fundodor, located in an historic corner of the winery, where we had the opportunity to sit and chat to the local people.

We left Jerez and transferred to Sancti Petri-Cadiz for check-in at the stunning Melia Sancti Petri, an authentic Arabian Palace with direct access to La Barossa, which was named 2014 best beach in Spain.

On our final day we ventured out on a walking tour in the bustling city centre of Cádiz. Our tour guide, Mica, made it amusing for us all - excellent story-teller and so passionate about the city and lifestyle! After the walking tour, we visited the Tavira Tower (watchtower) with captivating views and also got to see the Camera Obscura machine, which projects an image on a white concave horizontal screen situated in a pitch black room. The projected images reflect everything that happens at the very moment outside the tower in real-time.

Another very enjoyable activity was a gentle horse ride in the countryside and on the La Barossa beach before dinner.

In summary, my visit to the region of Cádiz left me feeling full of gratitude for the opportunity to visit this wonderful city. The area is authentically beautiful, clean and uncrowded. A traditional city whose people share an abundance of happiness.

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